Shearing Sheep Time at Walkers Farm.

shearing sheep

We have been shearing sheep over the last 2 weeks. David finally finished yesterday. It is a difficult back breaking job and we are sooo slow…

David took on average 30-45 minutes per sheep, a professional shearer can shear a sheep in less than 2 minutes. The world record is 37.9 seconds to shear one sheep.

Other world records include shearing 839 lambs in 9 hours by Rodney Sutton of New Zealand (2000) and 720 ewes in 9 hours by Darin Forde of New Zealand.

I think we have a little way to go before we get near that speed!! 🤣

shearing sheepHairstyles

I always enjoy seeing the end result, this year we had a few unusual hairstyles, our favorite was the sideburns on Sheepy.

Shearing sheep

Weaning lambs

We had some help to split the sheep up, wean the older lambs and get some ready to go to market. A busy time.




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