On the Farm

.On the FarmWe are delighted that this summer so many guests have spent time with us on the farm feeding and looking after our animals.

Some of our young guests haven’t had much opportunity to get close to friendly farm animals and  have been a little nervous. I am delighted to say our pony / sheep and chickens have been well behaved and nervous children soon get their confidence.

On the Farm

So we thought we should introduce our lovely animals that have brought lots of laughter and smiles to so many guests!!

On the Farm Fatboy our wonderful pony

He has had a lovely summer being brushed and stroked by our young guests. He has also enjoyed the occasional apple. But as the name suggests he has been on a diet most of the holiday.

On the Farm


On the farm we also have chickens. The Summer has been difficult for them as they didn’t appear to enjoy the sun. They stopped laying as many eggs!

But they still have enjoyed being fed and stroked by our young guests. Most of our young guests have been managed to collect a egg to enjoy for breakfast, they were surprised at how bright the yoke’s are.

On the Farm

Our escaping sheep

We have 34 friendly sheep  on the farm including Sheepy the grandma of the group. They have only escaped a few times this summer, they found the way into the garden to eat the flowers. We have had help from budding farmers to heard them back into the fields.

On the FarmThis last week we have split the sheep into 2 groups with the young lambs and Sheepy being split from the mums ready for the ram to come later this Autumn.

Loppy the horse

We also have welcomed Loppy our horse home for a summer holiday.

Loppy on the farm


She always loves being stroked by our guests. She makes our guests a little nervous as she is so big. But she is soon wins them over as she is very kind and friendly. Loppy has also fallen in love with Fatboy this summer and they have become inseparable.

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