Feeding the Lambs

Feeding the lambs   Feeding the lambs

It is a sign that Spring is happening on the farm when the lambs start arriving. This year we have had 9 lambs already in our small flock of sheep, two of the mothers have not been able to feed the lambs as much as they should, one mum decided she really didn’t like her lamb, so wouldn’t let him feed and the other mum had triplets and couldn’t feed them all as she didn’t have enough milk.

So now we are bottle feeding two little lambs, they are 10 days old, both boys and both doing really well, they have been named Bobby and Joe.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we will be able to let them out in the small field so we can keep an eye on them and they can also explore. We have to bottle feed them milk 4-5 times a day and are delighted to have help from our guests.

feeding the lambs   feeding the lambs

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