Young children’s outdoor play area – Den Building

Children's outdoor play area  Children's outdoor play area








We love seeing children exploring the outdoors, using their imagination to play and connecting with nature.

Over the winter period we have been planning a  children’s outdoor play area in the garden, in the hope that it will allow parents to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while their children can play. So far we have a wonderful mud kitchen, a willow den with tunnel and a small football goal.


The Mud Kitchen has been a huge success with children that have stayed already, our own son who is 2 years old has enjoyed making grass / mud cakes, thankfully we haven’t had to taste them!!

Children's outdoor play area

The willow den was really fun to make, we brought the instructions and kit from The Willow and Wetland Centre  and set to work, it has taken 3 days but we are delighted with it. We will enjoy seeing the willow take root and starting to grow and we are hoping it will be enjoyed by our visiting young guests.

Children's outdoor play area  Children's outdoor play area

We now have plans for a sandpit and a bug hotel which we hope to complete over the Summer! Watch this space for our expanding outdoor children’s play area.


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