The Summer Solstice

After my wonderful experience watching the sun rise from Burrow Mump for the summer solstice. I came away feeling I didn't really know enough about the summer solstice and what it meant. Over the last month I have enjoyed learning about the Summer solstice. I have learnt its meanings for different groups and the history [...]

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Shearing Sheep Time at Walkers Farm.

We have been shearing sheep over the last 2 weeks. David finally finished yesterday. It is a difficult back breaking job and we are sooo slow... David took on average 30-45 minutes per sheep, a professional shearer can shear a sheep in less than 2 minutes. The world record is 37.9 seconds to shear one sheep. Other world [...]

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Feeding the Lambs

    It is a sign that Spring is happening on the farm when the lambs start arriving. This year we have had 9 lambs already in our small flock of sheep, two of the mothers have not been able to feed the lambs as much as they should, one mum decided she really didn't [...]

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